Business education at Hitotsubashi ICS is committed to making practical wisdom
– a melding of ethics, pragmatism, perceptiveness, creativity, know-how, and timing –
come alive through pioneering content.

Our highly adaptive programs keep pace with quickening technological, demographic, and geopolitical change, with an exceptional quality of focus on your individual development as a business professional.

  • MBA
    • 3:1 Student to faculty ratio – unmatched
    • About 45 students from 12+ countries
    • Continuous, individual feedback on your personal development
  • EMBA
    • 1:1 Student to faculty ratio
    • F2F and virtual classes
    • 15 students from 7 countries
  • DBA
    • 1:1 Student to faculty ratio
    • Individual endeavor in a supportive learning community
    • Supervised by experienced and committed faculty
    • Recognized for premium-quality, innovative programs
    • Participant-centered learning tailored to your company
    • Top-class teaching using a diversity of methods